Routine Charts

routine chartsKids need routines and structure. Knowing what they are going to do every day gives them a sense of security. Kids are constantly being been bombarded by a barrage of challenges, from learning to be more independent to mastery various skills that are required as they grow and become more independent.

When a child’s routine is stable and predictable it makes it easier to handle changes and challenges that are bound to occur.

Consistent routines prevent meltdowns and help create order. Things go more smoothly when you and your child know what to expect.

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5 a day

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6 Ways Routines Help Kids

Life is Easier

Routine and structure will make your child’s life easier and provide the tools needed to cope. Tidying their rooms will ensure that they find their belongings when they need them. Doing their homework will ensure that they never fall behind with their school work and suddenly find themselves unable to keep up with the class which is both stressful and bad for their self-esteem.

Less Nagging

When kids are in a routine they brush their teeth, take a shower or get into bed without you having to constantly nag. You might need to let them know that it is time to stop playing and start their evening routine particularly if they are too engrossed in their game to even notice the time. Evening routine becomes habit and you don’t need to nag every stage of the process.

Promotes Independence

Kids learn how to perform basic tasks such as making their bed, packing their school bag, putting their dirty clothes in the wash. This will enable them to become independent human beings and take care of their own basic needs. Later on in life, when they step out of the secure home that you have provided for them, they will not suddenly have to learn basic skills that should come naturally to young adults.

Healthy Habits

  • Going to sleep at a reasonable time every day will ensure that kids get the sleep that they desperately need to grow and develop.
  • Brushing their teeth twice a day ensures great dental health.
  • Showering every day.
  • Washing hands after a visit to the bathroom.

These are all healthy habits that children need to learn and adopt.

More Quality Family Time

When all family members do part of the family chores (such as putting dirty clothes in the wash and tidying rooms) then less of the burden falls on the parents. As their time frees up they are able to spend more quality time with the kids. They are also in a better mood to do so. When you are constantly nagging your kids or resenting the fact that they don’t do anything to contribute to the family you tend to spend less quality time with them and don’t enjoy being with them as much as you could.

Family Traditions

Many daily routines include some family time such as eating a meal as a family or one-on-one time such as a bedtime story. Routines are not only related to such daily chores but also how families spend free time, holidays or celebrate events such as birthdays. These family routines convey a message to your children about what is important to your family and values that you emphasize. This helps develop a sense of belonging in families and strengthens relationships between family members.



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