Wanted Poster

Free Wanted Poster Template

Use our free online wanted poster maker to upload your photo and customize the text on your own custom poster.

The wanted poster template reads “wanted for good behavior” but the text can be changed so you can use these wanted posters for any purpose. You can also change the reward. You can make these wanted posters to reward good behavior, for the student of the week or even print them on a t-shirt.

wanted poster  customize

wanted poster maker  customize

free printable wanted poster  customize

free printable poster  customize

good behavior poster  customize

wanted sign  customize

wanted posters  customize

wanted poster template  customize

How to make a wanted poster?

  1. Choose the wanted poster template that you want to use. There are 8 different templates available.
  2. Upload a photo. You can upload a colored photo or make it black and white before you upload it. If you are creating a poster for home or for a classroom then you might want to use a photo with more than one child. Once you have uploaded the photo you might need to move it around or drag it to the right or left to make it larger or smaller.
  3.  If you want to change the text then just type in the text that you would like to appear instead of the “for good behavior”. You can also change the reward.
  4. Download the poster.
  5. Print. You can print on regular printer paper.
  6. The poster already has an old textured look but if you want to make it look even more authentic you can burn the edges. This must be done by an adult only. It isn’t really necessary and you will probably be happy with your poster as is.

How to make a wanted shirt?

  1. Choose the wanted poster template that you want to use.
  2. Upload an image.
  3. Change the text if you want.
  4. Print on iron on transfer paper using your printer’s mirror function.
  5. Iron on the t shirt as per instructions on the iron on transfer paper.


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