Reading Rewards

Reading RewardsFree Printable Reading Rewards

Free printable reading awards to make reading fun and rewarding. Your children or students will suddenly become book worms!

Reading LogReading Logs

These printable reading logs will help you keep track of the number of books that your student or child’s reads.


Reading Awards for Kids

The following reading awards can be used to reward children for learning how to read or for reading on a regular basis. They work well with our reading charts that track how much children read. You can use the awards to reward children for reading a certain number of books each week or for dedicating enough time to reading.

Bookmarks to reward students for reading

bookmarks for students

Book Bucks
Book Bucks

Each time your child or students read a book give him or her a book buck. You can give more than one for very thick books.

Click “customize” to personalize your book bucks. Add the teachers name, signature or any other notes.

reading log chart with reading rewards
Decide on a reward or prize for kids who receive a certain number of book bucks. Fill in the table so that kids know the reward that they will receive before they start reading. It might get them reading more than they would without the incentive. Once they start reading, they might actually realize that reading can be fun.

Editable book bucks conversion table in Microsoft Powerpoint format. Convert “book bucks” to reading rewards. You can edit it to suit your needs.

Reader of the Day Award

Reader of the day award

Reader of the Week Award

Reader of the week award

Reader of the Month Award

Reader of the month award

Reader of the Year Award

Reader of the year award

Super Reading Award

Reading award certificate

Platinum Reading Reward

reading reward

Gold Reading Reward

Gold reading reward

Silver Reading Reward

Silver printable reading reward

Bronze Reading Reward

Bronze reading award

Outstanding Reader Award

Reading awards for student

Reading Awards for Kids

Achievement award

Reading Awards for Students

Reading achivement award certificate

Reading Award Certificate

Reading award certificate

Reading awards for kids

I can read!

A reading award certificate for young kids (kindergarten or first grade).

I can read

We offer a selection of reading logs to track your child’s reading. Once your student or child has reached her reading goals you can award her any of our free printable reading rewards. These reading awards are used as incentives to promote and encourage your child to read. Teachers can arrange reading contests and award the students who read the most. Friendly reading competitions will encourage your students to read as much as possible. Making reading rewarding will encourage even those who have not yet become book worms to spend more time reading. A true love for books and reading often develops over time but in order for that to happen kids need to give reading a chance. These reading rewards might just be the incentive that your child or students need to get hooked on books!

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