9 ways that chores will benefit your child

chore chartChores for Kids

Are you concerned that chores are not good for kids? Here are at least 9 ways that chores will actually benefit your child!

1) Your child will become more responsible. If children are never given any responsibility, they will not become responsible. It is as simple as that.

2) Doing family chores is something that can bring your family together and enable you to cooperate and work as a unit, a unit with a common goal. Your child is part of your family. Being part of a family has both benefits and obligations.

3) Successfully completing a job gives you a sense of pride. Your child can start acquiring a work ethic.

4) Your child will become more independent. If you do everything for your children, then they will learn to expect this and have difficulty doing things for themselves.

5) Your child will learn how to prioritize tasks and manage time when he has multiple obligations on the same day. For example, if he wants to play, he has to do homework and complete chores all in one day. What does he do first and how does he get it all done in the same day? This is a small taste of the juggling that he will need to do later on in life. It enables him to slowly get used to prioritizing and managing time in the most effective manner.

6) You will have more family time. If the entire workload falls on one person, it will be a lot more time consuming than if it is divided up. If everyone does their part, it doesn’t take that much time and frees up more family time which you can spend together doing something fun.

7) Chores teach kids how to do basic tasks. Practice makes perfect!

8) Chores enable children to appreciate the work that goes into certain tasks. How many cups do kids use on average per day? When my kids were younger and didn’t help in the kitchen there were days when they could use ten cups. Every time they took a sip of water they would take a new cup and leave it wherever they drank. When they had to start loading and unloading the dishwasher they suddenly realized what happens to each cup until it reaches the kitchen cabinet. The number of cups they use today has decreased drastically!

9) When kids take part in the family chores, the home runs smoothly and everyone gets to reap the benefits. The chances of your child’s best shirt being clean and folded in her cupboard when she wants to wear it are much greater when the work around the house is divided up. The family home is cleaner and more organized and that is something that benefits all family members.

Use our free printable chore charts to help you achieve these goals.

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