Behavior Charts

What are behavior charts?

behavior chart (otherwise known as a reward chart or sticker chart) helps children understand that it is more rewarding to behave well than to misbehave.

Kids initially start behaving well to get a sticker on their chart, please their parents and teachers, be praised and complimented, or maybe even get a reward for completing their behavior chart. Eventually, good behavior comes naturally and kids start reaping the benefits. They start enjoying their relationship with their parents, they love not being yelled at, getting good grades, improving self-esteem, etc. In time, children will actually set limits for themselves and want to behave well!

There are two kinds of behavior charts on this site: charts that focus on a specific behavior or reward chart templates you can use for any purpose.

Reward or behavior chart templates are very flexible and can be customized to your needs. Most of our behavior charts can also be personalized with your child’s name, goals, and photo. All of our charts are free including customized charts.

According to the CDC, a reward program such as a sticker chart can help young kids. It can help get kids to do things they are not already doing or encourage them to keep doing things they are already doing. It works well for behaviors that become a habit like staying in bed after being tucked in, using the potty, or brushing one’s teeth.