Racing Car Sticker Charts

Behavior Charts and Reward Charts with Racing Cars

Move the racing car along the tracks until you reach the finish line!

We received a request from Catherine to create racing car reward charts and loved the idea! There are 2 ways to use these sticker charts:

1) You can mark each milestone with a sticker or marker.

2) You can cut out a car from the page with three different racing cars. You then keep moving the car along the tracks using reusable adhesive sticker dots.

10 Step reward charts

Behavior charts with racing car
sticker charts
Incentive chart
reward chart

Cut out these racing cars and attach them to the behavior chart. Each time your child deserves a sticker you can move the racing car up one place.

printable stickers for sticker charts


18 step behavior charts

behavior chart
Behavior chart with racing car
Kimberley’s son is obsessed with Porsche cars so she asked us to make her Porsche reward charts / behavior charts.  You might find them helpful too!

10 step Porsche behavior chart – this can be used to target a specific behavior

Porsche sticker chart

Weekly behavior charts / reward charts

The following sticker charts can be used for various purposes. If used as behavior charts then list the things that you would like your child to do in the space provided. It can be a chore list or a list of behaviors. Mark each circle or cell once your child has completed the task or chore.

This PDF version can be edited. Type in your list of chores or behaviors that you would like to target.

Porsche behavior charts

This chart starts on a Sunday

Chore chart for boys

This chart starts on a Monday

Printable car chore chart


  1. I am having trouble printing these. I am trying to print two of the racing car reward charts as well as the cars to go with them, but when I click on the charts it just goes back to this main page. If I try to “open in a new tab” it just gives me a tiny little picture of the chart. Help!

  2. Hello

    I am tutoring a young 11 year old with time and reading, once a week. She loves art and I was wanting to know if you could create a sticker chart for her, I would like to give a sticker for remembering a word seen before, pronouncing a long word, reading slowly (she tends to read fast and so says words wrong i.e. quit became quiet), maybe at end of chart could be a sketch book and pencils? Thank you

  3. Hi,
    I feel my near 4 year old needs a reward chart for pre-school as the teacher has said that he is reluctant to partake in the pre-school activities. He loves rockets and dinosaurs. Please help

  4. Hello,
    I’m trying to print the raving cars reward charts but I don’t see the right link to be able to download and print them. Any ideas on how to help??

  5. Amy,
    Sorry about the delay. Just click on the chart that you want to print and it will open.

  6. Click on the chart that you want to print and then on the icon to the right (“download image”).

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