Frozen Reward Charts (Customizable)

Frozen reward chartsThe following Frozen Reward Charts can be customized with your own photos and text. If you don’t want to customize the charts then you might prefer to use our Frozen movie behavior charts which are ready to be printed.

These custom charts take only a few minutes or less to prepare and are worth the effort since your behavior charts will be personalized.

  1. Add the name of the chart (you can create behavior charts, chore chart, potty chart, reward charts, sticker charts or whatever chart you want to make)
  2. Fill in the things your child is going to work on (to ensure she remembers what your expectations are)
  3. Add your child’s photo
  4. Change the days of the week (most of the charts are from Sunday to Saturday but you can change this if you prefer the school week – Monday to Friday – or any other setup)

behavior charts behavior chart with photo chore chart family chore chart Frozen behavior chart Frozen behavior charts Frozen chore chart Frozen reward chart reward charts sticker chart Frozen sticker chart behavior-chart


  1. Matthew Bullen says:

    I would like a reward chart to set up for myself so that I can improve my overall behaviour and attitude in life.

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