Behavior Charts with your Favorite Characters

Free Printable Behavior Charts

Free printable behavior charts with your favorite character! If you are looking for a behavior chart that you don’t see on this page or site then please leave a comment below and we might be able to make it for you free of charge.

One of the biggest challenges both parents and teachers face is finding a way to encourage children to behave well without resorting to yelling, threatening or bribery. Many experts claim that rewarding children (not bribing them) is one of the most effective ways to reach this goal. Praise them for doing something good instead of reprimanding them for misbehaving. Free printable behavior charts are often used to help kids overcome common behavior problems. These charts can be used to get chores done, help siblings get along, get ready in the morning and at night, etc.

Print the behavior chart that your child chooses or one that you think he/she will like and place it somewhere where it will be easily noticed. Each time your child shows positive progress or behaves well mark the chart or give her a sticker to stick on the chart. Offer a reward when the behavior chart is full of stickers. Many of the free printable behavior charts on this site have space to write the list of goals that your child is trying to achieve. If your child cannot read yet then you can draw little pictures such as a child brushing his teeth.

Disciplining children effectively can be constructive and fun!

If there is a behavior chart that you would like to see here then please comment below and we will try and create it for you.


  1. irene s smith says:

    I would like to be able to type on the superman sticker chart to complete chart and send home to the parents.

  2. In search of Thomas the Train Behavior Chart. THanks!!

  3. Wendell Barnes says:

    In search of pokemon, star wars, and percy Jackson behavior charts thanks!!

  4. Hello there! These charts are great and I love being able to customize them to each child. I have a little girl who loves Minnie Mouse and another who loves Disney Princesses and My Little Pony. Is there any way to create any of those character charts? Thank you so much!

  5. Hiya,

    Thank you so much for these charts they’re essential in our house. Any chance of a minion one. With the new film out its the new no.1 in our house.

  6. I love these! Love love love!!!

  7. Looking for a paw patrol behaviour chart if possible

  8. Is there a minecraft one?

  9. Yes, we have Minecraft charts. They can also be customized online before you print.

  10. I would love a “Bing Bunny” rewards chart for my threenager please please please!!

  11. These charts are so helpful. My son loves the Minecraft ones. Any possibility of a Star Wars or Star Wars lego chart?

  12. brittany says:

    Need a dr. mcstuffins for my daughter she is 7

  13. maribel says:

    Looking for Thomas through train behavior chart

  14. Paw patrol please!

  15. Hi I’m looking for a behaviour chart but a Disney princess one, can only seem to find a potty one for it, preferably with aurora (sleeping beauty) is it possible to make one please x

  16. kim waldock says:

    Would really like a pokemon behaviour chart that can also be sent home each week.

  17. Really need it for my son!

  18. Thomas the train charts would be amazing.
    My son loves Thomas the train

  19. Jesica, we have two Thomas the Train charts.

  20. Mario and Peppa pig would be awesome. Also a 5 step reward chart for younger kids would be nice.

  21. Amie, we have Peppa Pig charts. I have added the link.

  22. Pokemon chart would be great

  23. I work in a school,I am trying to teach a little boy social skills and the correct behaviour,to make friends.He loves power rangers.I require a power ranger behaviour chart with ten steps thank you

  24. Margie Criswell says:

    Love your behavior charts! Looking for charts for 2 autistic children, ages 5 and 3. One is obsessed with Mickey Mouse and the other loves cars. So, I am interested in the Mickey Mouse chart and the Cars chart. Thanks!

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