Easter Charts

A selection of free printable reward charts, behavior charts and potty charts with an Easter theme. Easter Reward Charts Weekly reward chart This is a 10 step reward chart / behavior chart / sticker chart. It can be used to target a single behavior. This is a 20 step behavior chart which can be used […]

Potty Training Tools and Resources

Potty Training  

How to Potty Train

How to Potty Train Step by Step Potty training is a milestone that makes parenting a little easier and helps kids to start feeling more independent and grown up. The potty training process requires a lot of patience but if you start before your child is ready then all the patience in the world will […]

BMX Charts

BMX Reward, Chore and Behavior Charts These charts were requested by Kristy for her son who like BMX bikes. If there are any reward charts that you would like us to make for you then please leave a comment. 10 Stage BMX Chart Can be used as a behavior chart, chore chart, reward chart or […]

When to start potty training

It is very important to determine when to start potty training since your child needs to be ready both physically and emotionally. Starting before your child has developed the necessary physical and cognitive skills will only prolong the process and frustrate both you and your child. Let your child set the pace and only start […]

Racing Car Sticker Charts

Behavior Charts and Reward Charts with Racing Cars Move the racing car along the tracks until you reach the finish line! We received a request from Catherine to create racing car reward charts and loved the idea! There are 2 ways to use these sticker charts: 1) You can mark each milestone with a sticker or […]

Ninjago Toilet Training Chart

Potty Training Charts   Free printable Ninjago potty training charts and toilet training charts for kids. Many more free charts on this site! The potty training process does not always go as smoothly as we would like it to. Some kids need encouragement, support and incentives to help them complete the process and become fully […]

Star Wars Potty Training Chart

Potty Training Chart with Star Wars theme Keep track of your toddler’s potty training progress with the free printable potty training chart. Each time he reaches one of the milestone’s on the chart mark that area or stick a sticker there. He will be potty trained in no time! Toilet Training Chart For those who […]

Potty Training Rewards

Free printable award printable certificates to encourage and award to kids who have completed the potty training process! If your child has not yet completed the potty training process you might want to check out our potty training tools which are designed to assist you with this process (such as our potty training charts).

Bakugan Reward Charts

Free Bakugan Reward Charts The following free reward charts feature the Bakugan. Bakugan Battle Brawlers is a Japanese television series produced by TMS Entertainment and Japan Vistec. The story features creatures called Bakugan and the battle brawlers who possess them. The Bakugan game was developed by Sega Toys and Spin Masters. The game uses spherical, […]