Chore Chart Template

A chore chart template can be used to make your own chore charts. You can use any of our free printable chore charts offered on this site but some people prefer to design their own chore charts using this chore chart template.

Free Printable Chore Chart Template

We have various chore chart templates that can be downloaded, personalized and then printed. Choose the template that will best suit your needs.  Establish your chore list and add it to the chore chart. All of the templates are in Word format so they can easily be personalized with your own chore list. There is also place to add a picture or photo. When making a chore chart for kids you can either add a photo of the child or maybe a photo of the reward to keep the child motivated. For example, if you have promised your child to take her to the zoo if she does all of her chores you could put a photo of her favorite animal on the chore chart to remind her what she is working towards.

free chore charts with chore list

Personalized Customizable Chore Chart

chore chart template


How to Customize this Chore Chart Template?

  1. Add the name of the child / adult.
  2. Type your chore list before you print. If you don’t want to include 7 chores then erase the text. If not, the dummy text will print.
  3. Change the days of the week (if you want the week to start on Monday. If you prefer the week to start on Sunday then you don’t need to make any changes).

You can also print a chore list with age appropriate chores in the same design!

Age Appropriate Chores

age appropriate chores


Chore Chart TemplateThis is a colored weekly chore chart template with the week starting on Sunday or starting on Monday. Add the name of the person who the chore chart belongs to. Add the list of chores to be completed each day. This chore chart is handy if the chores to be done each day are different. If the chore list repeats itself each day you could either use the above charts or just copy the list each day. Each time a chore is completed you can erase it. If you would like to reuse the chore chart you can laminate it and use a marker that can be erased.


Chore Chart TemplateThis is a weekly chore chart template with the week starting on Sunday or starting on Monday. The chart is black and white.  Fill in your name or the name of the chore chart owner, add a picture and add the chore list. Each time a chore is completed you can mark it with a marker or sticker. This chore chart is appropriate for chores that are done each day.








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