Family Chore Charts

Free Printable Family Chore Chart

These family chore charts have place for 2, 3 or 4 family members. Print the number of charts required so that each person who gets chores will have their own section. For example, a family of 4 will need one chore chart with 4 squares. A family of 6 can print a chart with 4 squares and another one with 2 squares.

Chore Charts for Multiple Kids

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Why should you use a family chore chart?

Would you like to get your family to help with the chores? A family chore chart is an excellent way to achieve it.

Depending on the age of your kids using the word “helping” around the house, as I have above, is incorrect in my opinion. Whenever my friends tell me that their husbands “help” them it annoys me. Helping implies that it is your job but your spouse or kids are doing you a favor and helping you out. It shouldn’t be that way. Particularly when the mother works full time I think that chores should be divided up equally. Spouses should do their fair share and so should children – unless of course they are too young or incapable of helping out.

You obviously have to have reasonable expectations and not expect your children to do more than they can or should be able to handle. If your spouse works until vey late every day then he or she will have less time for chores. If your children receive a lot of homework they will have less time too. One of the advantages of a family is that we are here to help each other out. If one family member has a period with a lot of responsibilities (such as during schools exams) then others can help out. When they are in similar situations they will receive the same thoughtfulness and consideration. On the other hand, there is no reason why one family member should serve all the others. Not only is it unfair to the person who does all the work it is also unfair to the children as it does not teach them an important lesson in life. They need to learn how to take responsibility and help out.

It is important to set an example for kids. If they see you doing all the chores around the house alone and they see that your spouse never helps then it will be more difficult to get them motivated. Try to set an example and show how everyone works together in order to get all of the chores done.

How do you use a family chore chart?

Divide up the chores that need to be done around the home and record each person’s chores on the family chore chart. Once the chore is performed mark it accordingly.

When dividing the chores up involve all family members in the process. This will make everyone feel part of the process and more involved and responsible.

Doing chores should not be seen as punishment. It enables family members to live in a clean and organized home. Since we all live in our home, we all require clean clothes, clean dishes and an organized environment we all work together to achieve this. That is the ultimate goal of a family chore chart. Awarding privileges to those who do their chores or not awarding to those who don’t (such as denying allowances) is not always needed. Some family members will happily do their chores without receiving any such awards. In other cases an award system may be necessary in order to get everyone to do their fair share.

Why keep a family chore chart?

After family members have decided on the chores that each person needs to do, using a family chore chart is an excellent way to keep track of who does their chores and award them accordingly. You can also make completing the chore chart a requirement to receive an allowance or award a gift / privilege.

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