Piano Practice Chart

piano practice chartMusic practice chart

Most music teachers recommend that students practice on a regular basis and some even request that their students practice every day. As in most aspects of life, practice makes perfect. Often, this is easier said than done. How do you get your children to practice when they have so many things that they prefer to do. Nagging and begging is both tiring and inefficient. A piano practice chart is often used to motivate kids to practice.

How is a music practice chart used?

Firstly, you determine how often your child needs to practice the piano or any other musical instrument (such as a guitar or violin). Make sure that your expectations are clear to your child or student. Each time the child practices for the required time her piano practice chart is marked accordingly. You might want to reward your child once the chart is complete. You could offer to take your child to a concert or do something fun together. Providing an incentive is often more effective although, for some students, completing their piano practice chart is motivating enough!

Piano practice chart Piano practice chart music practice chart Music practice chart





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