School Schedule

 Schedule Template

Looking for a school schedule template to print? We offer a huge selection of free printable class schedules with all of your favorite characters! At the bottom of the page you will also find school schedule templates for older students.

Once you have chosen a class schedule, printed it and added your classes we recommend that you have it laminated so that it will last the whole year. If not, you are welcome to visit us again and print a new class schedule if required.

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School Schedule Template

Use our school schedule maker to personalize your school schedule template. Since you can edit the title you can really use these school schedules for any purpose. You can change the title from school schedule to class schedule, chore chart or to whatever you want.

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These schedules can be customized with your name. You can also change the title. They only include a five day week (from Monday to Friday). You can also use them to keep track of your homework if you print a new copy each week. You can also laminate them so that they can be used again and again. Write down your homework and assignments that are due for the week to keep yourself (or your child) organized.

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