Student of the Month

Student of the Month Certificate

Choose a “student of the month” template from the selection below and click on the “customize” button below. Type the details and upload a photo of the student if you choose a version with a photo. Download and/or print.

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Student Recognition Ideas

Student of the month is one way to recognize students for achievement, attendance or effort.  On this site you can download a free printable student of the month certificate that can be customized online. You can also create a free poster that can be hung on your bulletin board.

Student of the month criteria

  • Students who receive a specific GPA
  • Students who exemplify outstanding character traits such as honesty, compassion, integrity, responsibility, trustworthiness, etc.
  • Perfect attendance for a specific period
  • Good citizenship
  • Academic excellence
  • Positive academic improvement over a specific period
  • Leadership – being a role model for other students
  • Good behavior – for students who model exemplary behavior
  • Friendship – including others and helping those in need
  • Giving to the community


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