Personalized Father’s Day Card

Father’s Day Bookmarks

Father’s Day Gifts Looking for father’s day gift ideas? These bookmarks will let dad know that he is the best! Print the bookmarks and give them to dad on Father’s Day or anytime during the year. You can laminate them to make them more durable and / or tie  some ribbon to the top of the […]

Parenting Advice and Parenting Tips

Free parenting advice, tips and tools to help you be more effective with your children. You will also find tools to make your relationship with your children less stressful and more rewarding. Parenting Resources Parenting Course How to be a better parent in 18 days House Rules for Kids Family Rules (18 printable personalized family rules signs) […]

Snoopy Reward Charts

Reading Charts (color)

The following Reading Charts will encourage kids to read more books. If you prefer black and white reading charts you will find a large selection on this site. The reading chart records up to 10 books. The reading chart records up to 8 books. The reading chart records up to 8 stories (for younger kids […]

Reading Charts for Younger Kids

These reading charts are for younger kids who still read stories (not books). If you encourage younger kids to read stories chances are they will want to read more books when they are older. This reading chart is for 10 books (with no prize for completing the books). This reading chart is for 10 books […]

Reading Charts

It is a shame but today with all the TV, computer games and technology kids don’t read nearly as much as they once did. Since both my husband and I loved reading I just assumed that my kids would too. It turns out that it isn’t hereditary :). Since my children respond really well to […]

There are two different reward charts below. One has a title “behavior chart” and the other has no title and can be used for different purposes. Kung Fu Behavior Chart Kung Fu Reward Chart

The following reward charts are perfect for Justin Bieber fans! Justin Bieber Reward Chart This is a 10 step reward chart. Printable 15 step reward chart with Justin Bieber

Reward Charts for Kids Dental Heath

Reward Charts for Healthy Teeth Each time your children brush their teeth in the morning or evening they get a sticker. Encourage them to brush their teeth and complete the reward charts!