Chores for 2 Year Olds

Chores for 2 year olds

Children from a young age can learn some responsibility from helping out. By the age of 2 toddlers are anxious to help and become independent. There is nothing wrong with giving a young child some minor responsibilities as long as the chore is age-appropriate. They cannot lift anything heavy or anything that will break. They should also not be given anything dangerous. Whatever they do will probably need to be redone but the point is to get them started and develop good habits. It will pay off when they are older. For example, if you ask them to sweep the floor with a broom for kids, don’t expect the floor to be clean. Don’t put them down when it isn’t. Congratulate them for doing a good job and make them feel great. This will give them confidence and make them want to keep trying. In a few year’s time, they will actually be helping. 

Chore List for 2 Year Olds

Here are some age appropriate chores for a 2 year old:

  • Sweep the floor with a little broom for kids
  • Discard trash away
  • Store toys in a toy container
  • Place books on the shelf
  • Assist with table setting
  • Deliver light objects
  • Pick up blanket or pillow from the floor
  • Dust shelves or boards
  • Ask your little child to wipe the table with you
  • Pick up toys from the floor

Chore Chart for 2 Year Old

Chore Charts with Pictures

Free printable chores charts with pictures that you can upload. Since they cannot yet read you can add photos that will describe each chore or task.

chore chart with photos

Customize and Print

Chore Chart Maker

With our free chore chart maker you can make your own customized chore charts. You can edit the text, select the background and clipart and add your chore list. You can also add your child’s photo to some of the chore templates.

Open Chore Chart Maker

 chore chart maker

Open Chore Chart Maker

Chore Charts with Characters



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