Chores for 5 Year Olds

Chores for 5 year olds

Five-year-olds are becoming a lot more independent. They are more coordinated and develop new physical skills. They are more capable of doing basic chores than they were before. Although they love to be independent they are not fully independent and capable yet. They will not know how to do each chore and you will need to explain and show them how to do anything you ask them to do. In the beginning, it might take longer than it would to do it yourself but don’t be discouraged. It will pay off in the long run. 

A study with children aged 5-13 years published by three researchers from La Trobe University showed that the benefits of completing household chores seem to extend beyond handling everyday tasks. Children who regularly help around the home with chores may perform better academically and have stronger problem-solving skills since participation in chores require children to plan, self-regulate, switch between tasks, and remember instructions. The results showed that engagement in self-care chores (e.g., making themselves a meal) and family-care chores (e.g., helping with the laundry) significantly predicted working memory and inhibition.

By the age of 5 kids can learn how to pick up after themselves and start becoming independent. While these chores do need to be age-appropriate there is nothing wrong with giving a 5-year-old some minor responsibilities.

Any chore that you ask them to do should be something that is compatible with their developmental level both physical and mental. A five year old child should not be asked to do something that may be heavy for them to carry or something dangerous. When a child is able to complete the chores they will get to feel like they accomplished something.

Look for chores that the child will be successful at completing. At this age, the child will learn by example. You should show them how to do the chores and then allow them to help you. You may need to show them a few times but the child will understand the task and will be able to do it themselves. If you see that they cannot physically complete a task then try another one. If the task is too hard for them it will be discouraging. Even if a task appears in the task list but they cannot yet do it then don’t try. Each chore must be appropriate for your specific child.

If your child is capable of many different chores then you can allow them to choose their chores from a list of chore options. According to Child development specialists Carla Poole, Susan A. Miller, Ed.D., and Ellen Booth Church, five-year-old children are becoming more conscious of decision making. They enjoy this responsibility and take it very seriously. Let them choose chores from among those you consider to be age-appropriate and acceptable chores for their age and their specific capabilities. 

Chore List for 5 Year Olds

Here are some age appropriate chores for a 5 year old:

  • Discard trash away
  • Store toys in a toy container
  • Place books on the shelf
  • Assist with table setting
  • Deliver light objects
  • Pick up blanket or pillow from the floor
  • Dust shelves or boards
  • Straighten bed sheets and tidying up pillows
  • Put clothes away in a hamper
  • Get dressed
  • Put on shoes
  • Brush teeth, wash face and brush their hair
  • Tidy up properly after play
  • Wipe down play table
  • Clean up small rubbish or paper scraps
  • Wipe small spills
  • Load and transfer the laundry
  • Pack bag for school
  • Unload silverware and cutleries (avoid or supervise children when handling sharp objects)
  • Sort clean clothes according to types
  • Clean up after a meal
  • Return milk carton for items into the fridge
  • Line up shoes
  • Hang coats, jackets, and hoodies
  • Move groceries to the kitchen
  • Pick their outfit
  • Fold washcloths, rags, and socks
  • Vacuum the floor
  • Empty small trash cans
  • Water plants and weed gardening beds with supervision
  • Make the bed even if it isn’t perfect
  • Set the table for breakfast, lunch, or dinner
  • Water plants inside your home
  • Feed pets

Chore Chart for 5 Year Old

Chore Charts with Pictures

Free printable chores charts with pictures that you can upload. Since they cannot yet read you can add photos that will describe each chore or task.

chore chart with photos

Customize and Print

Chore Chart Maker

With our free chore chart maker you can make your own customized chore charts. You can edit the text, select the background and clipart and add your chore list. You can also add your child’s photo to some of the chore templates.

Open Chore Chart Maker

 chore chart maker

Open Chore Chart Maker

Chore Charts with Characters



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Sources: the Australian Occupational Therapy Journal, 2022 Oct;69(5):585-598. doi: 10.1111/1440-1630.12822. Epub 2022 May 31. (Deanna L Tepper, Tiffani J Howell, Pauleen C Bennett)

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