Chores for 9 Year Olds

Chores for 9 year olds

It’s important for 9 year olds to do chores so that they can learn how to care for themselves and others, develop healthy habits, and understand the value of work. Chores are not just about doing housework or taking care of siblings but they are an opportunity to teach kids various skills that are are important for success in life.

Giving a 9 year old chores is a great way to teach them the importance of responsibility. Doing chores will show them what it means to be responsible and how their actions affect others.

You can give them the opportunity to choose what chores they want to do from a specific chore list. Letting your 9 year choose their chores from a specific chore list will give them the freedom and independence to make their own decisions. This will help them become more independent. It gives them more control. It also helps teach children how to make choices that work for them which will help later on in life as adults.

Through their chores they will also learn that there are consequences when they don’t complete their assigned tasks or follow through with a promise. This is also an important lesson they we need to teach our kids.

Chore List for 9 Year Olds

Here are some age appropriate chores for a 9 year old:

  • Wipe the sink after brushing their teeth
  • Change toilet paper roll
  • Set the dining table
  • Clear up plates after a meal
  • Dust shelves, bookcases, and picture frames with more precision
  • Pull garden weeds unassisted
  • Peel potatoes with a child-safe tool
  • Unpack groceries from shopping bags
  • Routinely make their beds
  • Feed pets
  • Independently water flower beds with a pitcher marked with water limit
  • Organize shoes and books according to color coding or sizes
  • Rake a big pile of leaves
  • Plant flowers with a small shovel under supervision
  • Sort recycling
  • Make a small snack
  • Help with meal prepping including simple cutting or finding ingredients
  • Start tying their shoelaces
  • Clean up after a bath; hanging wet towels or drying the bathtub
  • Clear space at a table after any activity
  • Independently dry non-breakable dishes
  • Bring in the mail
  • Sweep porches
  • Make own snacks with more varieties
  • Scoop pet waste in the yard
  • Clean fingerprints or smudges on the wall
  • Neatly make their beds
  • Clean their own bedroom
  • Independently get themselves dressed
  • Help pack their lunch
  • Fold clean clothes and store clothes in closets or drawers
  • Strip bed linens
  • Change light bulb on a desk lamp with supervision
  • Bake cookies with supervision
  • Independently floss their teeth
  • Shine mirrors in the bathroom
  • Appropriately clean up after pets
  • Help you wash the car
  • Load and unload the dishwasher

Chore Chart for 9 Year Old

Chore Chart

Sunday Start: Editable PDF | Word | Image

Monday Start: Editable PDF | Word | Image

Chore chart template

Sunday Start: Editable PDF | Word | Image

Monday Start: Editable PDF | Word | Image

Chore Chart Maker

You can make many free custom chore charts with our free  app. 

chore chart maker

Open Chore Chart Maker

Chore Chart

Personalized Punch Chart

Add your child’s name, photo, and chore list then print this personalized punch chart. These charts are suitable for kids, from toddlers to teens.

Click here to personalize

Chore Chart Template

chore chart templateIf you want to create your own editable chore chart, you will find a selection of free chore chart templates that you can edit and personalize. These charts are perfect for teens and younger children.

Printable Chore Charts

Printable Chore Charts

A selection of free printable chore charts for kids with all of your favorite characters (such as the Minions, Spiderman, Lego, Star Wars, and many others). These are great for toddlers and older kids.

Spiderman chore chart

Charts for Boys

A selection of free printable chore charts for boys with Spiderman, Ninjago, Superman, Batman, ninjas, and more! Perfect for toddlers and young kids.

Barbie Chores Chart

Charts for Girls

A selection of free printable chore charts for girls with Anna, Elsa, Barbie, Bratz, princesses, fairies, and other girly characters! Perfect for toddlers and young kids.

Chore chart maker

Free chore charts with cute animals, you can make free printable personalized chore charts with your photos, titles, and your very own custom chore list. There are many designs available, and therefore, they are suitable for toddlers to teens.

Add your photo and chore list to this personalized chart.

Make your own free chore chart online

Chore Wheel

chore wheelCreate this DIY personalized chore wheel. You can customize it online before you print it. Type in your family name and the chores that you want to allocate and then print and assemble according to the instructions.

It’s a fun and fair way to delegate chores!


Coloring Charts

Color these black and white chore charts before you use them. When kids decorate their chart, it gets them involved and makes the process fun!

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