Good Behavior Printable Certificates

award certificates for good behaviorThese printable award certificate templates can be awarded to kids for good behavior. There are two versions available in each color: one that has a photo of the child and one without a photo. You can type the details before you print the certificate. Both versions are free.

Certificates for Kids

Select a Certificate of Good Behavior from the selection below and click on it to customize it.


good behavior award

Award for kids


certificate of good behavior

Photo certificate


good conduct certificate template

Pink certificate with a photo


good behavior certificate printable

Certificates for kids with your own photo


certificate template for kids

Printable award

Each template has the title “Good behavior award” but the other text can be edited and changed. You can add the name and the reason for receiving the award. There is also space to add the date and signature. If you want to add additional text then just click on the A icon.

What can these printable certificates be used for?

  • Teachers can award a “Certificate of good behavior” each day, week or month
  • Schools or teachers can award a “Good conduct certificate template” to set examples of students with good conduct to motivate them and others.
  • Parents can create a certificate template for kids to reward good behavior and encourage children to continue behaving well.

How to add a photo?

  1. Click on the “add photo” button.
  2. Select your photo.
  3. You might need to rotate it or make it bigger to fit perfectly. To rotate it click on the rounded arrow in the top right corner. To make it bigger drag the bottom right corner to the left.