Chore Charts for Boys

Free editable printable chore charts for boys. Click on a chore chart template to customize and/or download it. You can edit text, add text, change the backgrounds, add characters and add images.

A chore chart template can be used to make free printable chore charts customized for your family or children.


Why are these chore charts for boys?

These charts have characters that boys typically like. There is no other difference between a chore chart for boys and girls.

Is there such a thing as “boys chores”?

I personally do not think that you should make boys and girls do different chores unless they are not interested in doing specific chores, and if you have no problem with that. Boys are often interested in particular chores that girls sometimes don’t like doing. For example, cleaning a car. For some reason, this is something that appeals to boys more than girls. Is it because they generally like cars more than girls? Maybe because they like getting dirty and girls often don’t? I am not quite sure why. But if a child – girl or boy – is enthusiastic about doing a chore, I wouldn’t try and put a stop to it.

Should boys do as many chores as girls?

Absolutely. I don’t see any reason to give a girl more chores than a boy. Hundreds of years ago, women were typically housewives and didn’t want much more from life. Later on, women started fighting for equal rights, and many years later, we were indeed granted equality. Are women and men equal today? I don’t think so, and I am not referring to third world countries. We fought to get an equal education, equal opportunities in the workplace and at home. People think that this goal was achieved but I am not sure. It seems like society now enables us to go out to work, but we are usually still primarily responsible for childcare and running the home. It’s like someone said, OK, if they want to go out to work, we’ll let them, but they must still keep doing what they used to do. Now we have to work in addition to what we were always expected to do.

Does that mean that girls and boys and men and women should do the same chores?

There are traditional “male” jobs and “female” jobs, but society is changing today, and I want my boys to be ready. I want them to know how to cook their meals and clean their homes and not only know how to take out the garbage and mow the lawn. On the other hand, although I am a feminist, I am also aware that there are differences between men and women. Most men and women are physically capable of doing all household chores, but they are not always interested in doing the same chores. If my boys are not interested in cooking or baking, then I won’t force them to, but I do want them to know that they are welcome to learn and that there is nothing wrong with it. It is not the woman’s job to cook. In fact, most of the best chefs are men.  Nevertheless, it seems like even today, in most homes, there have not been drastic changes, and the traditional male and female chores have often stayed pretty much the same. For example, ask your friends who takes the garbage out in their home. In most cases, it is the man. Women are totally capable of doing this, and if you or your daughter want to put this on your chore list, then it’s great. I am not really a girly girl, but I do find the garbage a little gross. Once I take it out, I need to go back home and wash my hands. My husband can carry on with whatever he was doing, so it makes more sense that he takes out the garbage on his way out. There are some things that make men and women different, and as a result, we are interested in various chores. If it works for your family, then it is okay. I would make sure that your child knows about all of the chores he is allowed to choose from and have some rotation system, which will enable him to try different chores from the available chore list. After he has tried them all for a reasonable period and wants to stick with specific ones, then that is OK. There are so many chores to do at home that most of us can enable our kids to choose the chores that they enjoy (or at least don’t mind as much as others). A rotation chore system also keeps chores interesting and exposes them to different chores that they might not have otherwise wanted to try.


  1. would love a star wars chart

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    If you have got one on there can you tell me where i can find it.


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  4. Marvel Avengers would be nice to have. You are never to old to like Avengers.

  5. Julie, we have made some Marvel Avengers charts.

  6. I see a Paw Patrol potty chart. Any Paw Patrol chore charts? Thanks for this great service!!

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  9. Jessica Flores says:

    Hey there- I would love to see a dinosaur chore chart.

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