Preschool Behavior Chart

The following behavior charts are printer-friendly. They are all in black and white and can be printed and then colored.

10 Steps 

Giraffes with 10 steps

Weekly Charts

Cute amimals with weekly chart
Giraffes with weekly chart
Weekly chart

Charts with Popular Characters

Pink Panther weekly chart

Pink Panther good behavior sticker chart

Weekly behavior chart

Power Rangers coloring behavior chart


Sleeping beauty chart for good behavior

Weekly Garfield behavior chart

Garfield chart

10 step star chart with a picture of a lion and other animals

sticker chart with a picture of a lion playing with a ball and a group of animals

Winnie the Pooh 12 step sticker chart

Winnie the Pooh Reward Chart

Weekly chart with characters from Madagascar (Sunday to Saturday) with a list of things to work on.

behavior chart with pictures of 4 animals

Weekly behavior chart with characters from Kung Fu Panda

Kung Fu Panda colouring behaviour chart

10 step Spiderman sticker chart

spiderman reward chart

Bob the Builder with 10 steps

Bob the Builder coloring reward chart

Smurf weekly behavior chart

Smurf good behavior chart

Toy Story

Toy Story

Toy Story

Toy story reward chart

The Bee Movie

The Bee movie incentive chart



Behavior chart for two kids

Reward chart for multiple children

Hello Kitty

Dora and Boots Coloring Behaviour Chart

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  1. Am new at home schooling and we have 2 special needs teenagers but are at the 2nd and third grade level so i am needing all the help i can find to have them achieve their goals.

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