Chore Charts for Girls

Printable Chore Charts

These chore charts are great for girls. If you are looking for a chore chart that you can’t find on this site then please leave a comment below and we will try and create it for you (free of charge).

Chore Chart for Girls

Heart Chore Chart



Strawberry Shortcake

Track your chores for 10 days. Add a chore list and then mark a strawberry once the chores for the day are complete.

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Why are these chore charts for girls?

These charts have characters that girls typically like. There is no other difference between a chore chart for girls and boys.

What are “girls chores”?

There are some chores that are traditional female chores but I do not think that this is something that we should necessarily pass down to our kids. If my daughter wanted to mow the lawn then I would encourage it. I would like her to know that she can do anything she wants to.

I think that we should expose our kids to all of the chores and let them choose the chores that they are interested in doing (from the chore list that has to be done – otherwise certain chores would never be chosen). If we use a rotation system for chores then kids get to try different things and learn how to perform different chores. This will also help them later on in life. There is absolutely no reason that a girl can’t take out the garbage and a boy can’t set the table.

Is it a girl’s / woman’s responsibility to clean the home?

I personally think that it is a chore that should be shared by both the woman and man. If one partner has more time on her/his hands then he/she should do more but it isn’t related to gender.

I always get mad when a friend tells me how much her husband “helps her” at home. He isn’t helping her. He is doing his share. It’s not her responsibility just because she is a women. It is a joint responsibility that should be divided up fairly. Chores should be divided up fairly (not necessarily equally) between all family members. Some family members work more than others, have medical conditions, other obligations (this did not include their social life), etc. These should be taken into account. Gender is not related.

We often refer to chores as being something we expect our kids to do but if there are family members who are not doing enough chores you might want to try to refer to them as family chores. We offer family chore charts to keep track of each family member’s chores.

In many homes chores are divided up and all family members help out. Chores are done in less time and family members have more time to spend as a family (in a nice clean home).


  1. This a very helpful website for teachers and counselors. I use these charts a lot.
    The children in the after school care are looking forward to check their reports every day. Thank you for this great help.

  2. This website is very helpful. Teachers and counselors can use these charts.
    The children in the after school care are looking forward to check their reports every day. Thank you for this great help.

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