Paw Patrol Charts

Free custom Paw Patrol charts can all be customized so they can be used for any purpose – weekly schedule, behavior charts, potty charts, chore charts, etc. Select the design that you want to use and then customize it for your child. The weekly charts start on a Sunday but the days of the week can […]

Chore Wheel

This is a free printable and customizable chore wheel. Type in the name of each person and your chore list before your print and assemble. Instant download! A chore wheel is a great way to divide up chores particularly when nobody wants to do some of the chores. It also adds a bit of fun […]

Behavior Charts with the Minions

Free Printable Behavior Charts All of the following behavior charts can be customized with your text and/or photos. Since the text can be customized you can use these printable charts for many purposes as a chore chart template, behavior chart, sticker chart, potty training chart or even as a weekly schedule.         […]

Sofia the First Charts

The following charts can be used for multiple purposes since the text can be customized. They can be used as behavior charts, weekly schedules, potty charts, chore charts and more! You can add your own text and photo!            

Marvel Avengers Charts

Free printable behavior charts, chore chart templates, stickers charts and weekly schedules with a Marvel Avengers theme.   Personalize This generic chart can be used for multiple purposes. If you want to use it as a chore chart then add a chore list and mark a number each time a chore is complete. If you […]

Frozen Reward Charts (Customizable)

The following Frozen Reward Charts can be customized with your own photos and text. If you don’t want to customize the charts then you might prefer to use our Frozen movie behavior charts which are ready to be printed. These custom charts take only a few minutes or less to prepare and are worth the effort […]

Chore Charts with Cute Animals

Free printable chore charts that can be personalized. Choose a chore chart and then add your own chore list and your child’s name before you print it. You can make a new chore chart for each child. There is no limit! Please note that these charts can only be downloaded as a PDF file and not […]

Minecraft Behavior Charts

Printable Behavior Charts Free printable Minecraft behavior charts which can be used for various purposes by parents or teachers. I’ve received a few requests for a Minecraft reward chart recently so I finally got around to making some for you. These templates can be used as behavior charts, potty charts or chore charts. There is space to add […]

Routine Charts

Kids need routines and structure. Knowing what they are going to do every day gives them a sense of security. Kids are constantly being been bombarded by a barrage of challenges, from learning to be more independent to mastery various skills that are required as they grow and become more independent. When a child’s routine […]

Pirate Charts

A selection of free printable behavior charts with a pirate theme. Sticker Charts These sticker charts target specific behaviors. Chore Charts Add a chore list and mark chores once they are complete using this chore tracking chart with a pirate theme. Potty Chart This potty training chart can be used to motivate kids during […]